trinity 7

trinity 7

Welcome to our English Lesson number 7!

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How are you today?

Are you OK?

Are you FINE?

We hope you feel GREAT!

Today we talk about ...



Are you good at playing the guitar?

Do you enjoy listening to music? What do think about riding bikes?

Do you like swimming or eating pizza?

Do you enjoy painting a picture or writing postcards?

How do you feel about reading books?

Teacher Hiva will tel you everything about actions and present continuous!!



Now it’s your turn!

Look at the example and answer the following questions:

  • What are you doing?
  • What is your mum doing?
  • What is your dad doing?


Let’s revise present continuous with Teacher Chiara!

Look at this video about present continuous!

And now.. let’s see what Mr. Bean has to do with present continuous!


 Play a game about present continuous! CLICK HERE —>


What is your family doing NOW?

Describe and record your voice. Send us your recordings ([email protected])

See you next week!






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