Scuola narcisi classi 5 lezione 4

Scuola narcisi classi 5 lezione 4

Welcome to a new English lesson!!

We are VERY happy to see you again! We hope you are happy too!

This is lesson number 4 - if you want to see the previous lessons, please click

Today we talk about.....




What is the verb “can”? 

I can speak English! Can you speak English? Yes, you can!

I can’t play the piano! Can you play the piano? 

Can is used for abilities! We can use can to describe what we are able or not able to do!


Teacher Hiva will tel you everything about can in this new video! Let’s watch it together!




Now it’s your turn! Look at the example and answer the following questions:

  1. Can you speak Chinese?
  2. Can you speak German?
  3. Can you run?
  4. Can you fly?
  5. Can you cook?
  6. Can your mum cook?
  7. Can your dad cook?
  8. Can you make a sentence with ‘can’?
  9. Can you ask a question with ‘can’?


Let’s revise the verb can with teacher Chiara!




Have fun with the verb can!! 



Imagine you are a superhero!! What can you do? What can’t you do?


Record yourself describing what your superhero can or can’t do!! If you want you can draw it on a piece of paper and send the picture to us!! Write and record at least five sentences and send them to [email protected]


We miss you so much!!



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