classe 4 school subjects

classe 4 school subjects


Watch this video about school subjects!

What is your favourite subject?

Now Listen to Teacher Stephanie


Listen here


Answer the following questions:

  • What is your favourite school subject?  Make a drawing that represents it
  • Write down your school hours and the subjects you study every day at school



Let’s revise how to read time with Teacher Chiara!


Play a game about school subjects! CLICK HERE —>


Prepare your school timetable or a fantasy one and take a picture of it. Send a picture back to us! Record yourself describing your school timetable and dividing the subjects that you like fro the subjects that you don’t like!


Listen to this beautiful song: it is a gift for you mummy! Listen to the song with her!

Do you want to read the lyrics?

You can download them here

Watch this video

We miss you so much!!

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