Trinity 4

Trinity 4

Welcome to a new English lesson!! We are VERY happy to see you again! We hope you are happy too!

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Today we talk about



Have you got any brothers or sisters?

Have you got blue eyes?

Have you got brown hair?

Let’s have a look at what teacher Chiara will tell us about have got! 



Now think at your classmates and tell us:

  • who has got a dog?
  • who has got a cat?
  • who has got a sister?
  • who has got a brother?
  • who has got a balcony?
  • who has got pets?


Now, letìs talk about animals.

What is your favourite animal?

How many animals do you know?

Can you name any wild animals?

I can name: a lion, a horse, a wolf, an eagle, a deer, a snake, a bear and a swan!

These are some wild animals!

What words can we use to describe Wilde animals? I can use these words: stripes, beak, small ears, a tail, wings, spots, big teeth, a long neck...

Teacher Stephanie will tel you everything about wild animals in this new video! Let’s watch it together!


 Think of three more wild animals and for each animal, describe:

  • What is animal’s name?
  • Which continent does it live in?
  • Which type of habitat does it live in?
  • What type of food does it eat, so is it a carnivore, a herbivore or an omnivore?

Now it’s your turn! Look at the example and answer the following questions:

  1. What is your favourite wild animal?
  2. What ha a horse got?
  3. What has a lion got?
  4. Name two animals with stripes.
  5. Name one wild animal with a beak.

Can you describe two of your favourites wild animals? 


Have fun with wild animals!! CLICK HERE —>


It is black and white, it is big, it lives in Africa and looks like a horse. What is it? Solve the riddle and send us the answer with a drawing of this animal! Can you write a riddle about a wild animal? Send it to us! (Send your drawings here: [email protected] In the subject you will write your name, school and class.

We will email you back, with your teachers' feedback. Write in English if you can, we will be even happier to answer!

We miss you so much!!

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