Scuola Sabin Quinta elementare

Scuola Sabin Quinta elementare

Welcome to a new English lesson!!

We are VERY happy to see you again! We hope you are happy too!

This is lesson number 4 - if you want to see the previous lessons, please click


Today we talk about....



Do you like SUMMER? It is my favourite time of the year!


Let's start singing a song about SUMMER: "Hello Sun"

Hello sun, sun, sun
Hello sun, sun, sun
What have you done?
We are having fun fun fun
But he has to run run run
Goodbye sun
Goodbye sun

Sing and dance with HIVA!


It is warm today! What are you wearing?


Morgan teaches you how to draw your fashion line!


Watch this video


This is our last lesson! We hope you had some fun with us!

English can be FUN, you know!

In English you can sing your favourite songs, read great books, talk with people from all over the world!

I hope you are going to have a great Summer.

Stay safe!



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