Scuola Narcisi Classi Terze

Scuola Narcisi Classi Terze


Hello everybody!! How are you?

Are you fine :) ? Are you bored? Or are you sad or tired :( ?

We hope you are GREAT today :D !


In this lesson, we will talk about sports with Teacher Morgan!

What are sports? Sports are physical activities that you usually practice after school! To play football, to run, to swim, to play basketball, to dance, to ride a bike, to do gymnastics, to roller skate are examples of sports!

Teacher Morgan will now tell you everything about sports! Have fun!


Now its your turn! Look at the example and answer the following questions:

What is your favourite sport?

What is the your best friends favourite sport?

What sports are in the video?

In which sports do you use a ball?

Take a look at this video! Teacher Chiara is talking about sports! Lets revise sports and hobbies with her!


Listen to this song about school objects!! Let’s sing all together!



Now it is your turn!! Have fun with sports!!




- Make a video of yourself miming these actions: play basketball, play football, dance, ride a bike, run, swim, roller skate

- Look for pictures of your favourite sport and make a collage! Take a picture of it and send it to us, you can also include drawings!

(Send your drawings here: [email protected]. In the subject you will write your name, school and class (e.g. ENRICO ROSSI, 3A, SCUOLA NARCISI PLESSO PISA).

We will email you back, with your teachers' feedback. Write in English if you can, we will be even happier to answer!

We miss you so much!!

Stretching and keeping FIT

After your lesson, it is so good doing some stretching. We have a stretching song for you, that can be downloaded here:

Good bye!

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