Scuola Narcisi classi Prime

Scuola Narcisi classi Prime

School Objects


Hi!! How are you?

Are you fine :) ? Are you bored? Or are you sad or tired :( ?

We hope you are GREAT today :D !


In this lesson, we will talk about school objects with Teacher Melissa!

What are school objects? School objects are all the things you use at school! What is there in your schoolbag? There is a pencil case, a ruler, a rubber, a bag, a pencil, a book and a pen!

Teacher Melissa will now tell you everything about school objects! Have fun!


Now its your turn! Look at the example and answer the following questions:

1.    How many pens have you got?

2.    How many pencils have you got?

3.    Have you got a ruler?

4.    What colour is your pencil case?

5.    What colour is your bag?

6.    What colour is your favourite pen?

7.    Do you like to write with a pen or a pencil?

8.    How many rulers do you have?

Take a look at this video! Teacher Melissa is talking about school objects, colours and numbers!


Listen to this song about school objects!! Let’s sing all together!


Describe what you have inside your school bag!

In my school bag there is a red pencil case with pencils and pens, a blue book, ..

Now play this game!! Have fun with school objects!!





- What is there in your DREAM SCHOOL BAG? Draw all objects you dream of!! Add colours and shapes!

- Now take a picture of yourself holding




You can draw them if you do not have them in your pencil case!


(Send your drawings here: [email protected]. In the subject you will write your name, school and class (e.g. ENRICO ROSSI, 1A, SCUOLA NARCISI PLESSO PISA).

We will email you back, with your teachers' feedback. Write in English if you can, we will be even happier to answer!

We miss you so much!!


Let's do some stretching together!

Move with Morgan!

bye!! See you soon!

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