Narcisi classe seconda lezione 7

Narcisi classe seconda lezione 7

Hi Everybody!! How are you? We hope you are GREAT! Welcome to our English lesson number 7!

If you want to see the previous lessons, please click below:

Today we speak about...



Teacher Melissa will tel you everything about Spring in the video! Let’s watch it together!




Now it’s your turn! Look at the example and answer the following questions:

  1. What months are in spring?
  2. What do we celebrate in spring?
  3. Do you like to fly a kite in spring?
  4. Do you like butterflies?
  5. Do you like snails?
  6. Do you like caterpillars?
  7. Do you like spring?
  8. What is your favourite season?
  9. What is your favourite thing about Spring?
  10. What is your favourite Spring animal?
  11. What is your favourite Spring colour?
  12. Do you like the weather in Spring?


Click here to listen to a song about Spring! Sing along!




And now.. let’s watch a story about spring!!






Can you describe Spring? What is there in Spring? What isn’t there?

Now it is your turn!! Have fun with Spring vocabulary!! 



Draw your favourite Spring things! Take a picture for your drawing and send it to us!

We miss you so much!!

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