Narcisi classe 5 lezione 6

Narcisi classe 5 lezione 6

Hi Everybody!! How are you? We hope you are GREAT! Welcome to our English lesson number 6!

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This lesson will be about…


What shops are near your house?
Is there a

Is there a toy shop?

Is there a newsagent’s?

Is there a sports shop?

Is there a clothes shop?

Is there a bookshop?

Teacher Hiva
will tell you everything about shops and money in this new video!
Let’s watch it together!



Can you remember all shops from the video?
shops, money and shopping with teacher Chiara

Here you find the video in italian (watch in English first!)


Play a game about money!
Play a game about a shopping dialogue! 716/489/407



Now it’s your turn!Write and record a shopping dialogue! Choose a shop!
Use the video with
teacher Chiara to help you with money and the dialogue.
At a clothes shop
- Shop assistant: Good morning
can I help you?
- Customer: Yes please,
I would like a red T-shirt.
- Shop assistant: What size?
- Customer: Small please,
how much does it cost?
- Shop assistant:
10 Pounds…..


You can have a look at these video-example


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