Easter Lesson

Easter Lesson


Hello everybody!!

How are you??

We hope that you are GREAT!!!

Our lesson this week will be about EASTER!!

What is Easter? Easter is a very important celebration!

What is typical of the Easter period? Easter bunnies, chocolate eggs, Spring, chicks,...

Let's learn some ne Easter espressions with teacher Melissa!!

Fantastic!! Thank you teacher Melissa!

What is your favourite Easter activity? Our favourite Easter activity is colouring Easter eggs!!

Teacher Morgan will teach you ho to colour eggs in the next video!

Wow!! Fantastic!!

And let's see.. what other Easter things do we like? We LOVE the Easter bunny!! Right tacher Morgan?

Fantastic!!! Thanks!!!

Here are some games for you to practice Easter vocabulary!! Have fun!!



Have a GREAT Easter day!!

See you next week!

We miss you!

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