Classi seconde Lezione 4

Classi seconde Lezione 4

This is lesson number 4

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Welcome back to our English lessons!!

We are VERY happy to see you again! We hope you are happy too!

Are you exited to watch a new video lesson?


This lesson will be about…CLOTHES!

What clothes have you got? Skirts, hats, jumpers, socks, coats, boots and shoes… we LOVE clothes!!!


Teacher Carmen will tel you everything about clothes in this new video! Let’s watch it together!




Now it’s your turn! Look at the example and answer the following questions:

  1. Do you put on boots on your head or on your feet?
  2. Can you write and draw your clothes today?
  3. Can you say two things that you put on the top part of your body?
  4. Can you say two things that you put on the bottom part of your body?
  5. What colour is the skirt in the second video?
  6. What colour are the socks in the second video?
  7. How many shoes can you see?
  8. Can you say two things that you put on your head?


Here is teacher Melissa revising clothes!


What about winter clothes? Let’s learn about winter clothes with teacher Melissa!



Click here to listen to a song about clothes! Listen and sing along!




And now.. let’s have a look at what Steve and Maggie have to say about clothes!





What do you put on to go to school? What do you put on to play outdoor? What do you put on when you go to the cinema? Describe yourself!

Now it is your turn!! Have fun with the clothes!! 



Put on your favourite clothes and take a picture of yourself!! Send us the picture to show us your favourite clothes!

Record yourself describing what you are wearing!

Bye and see you soon!!

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