Scuola Narcisi classi 4 lezioni 4

Scuola Narcisi classi 4 lezioni 4

Hello! This is lesson number 4!

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This lesson will be about…WILD ANIMALS!


Can you name any wild animals? A lion, a horse, a wolf, an eagle, a deer, a snake, a bear and a swan! These are some wild animals!

What can we use to describe Wilde animals? stripes, beak, small ears, a tail, wings, spots, big teeth, a long neck,…


Teacher Stephanie will tel you everything about wild animals in this new video! Let’s watch it together!




Think of three more wild animals and for each animal, describe:

  • What is animal’s name?
  • Which continent does it live in?
  • Which type of habitat does it live in?


Now it’s your turn! Look at the example and answer the following questions:

  1. What is your favourite wild animal?
  2. Name two animals with stripes.
  3. Name one wild animal with a beak.




Now it is your turn!! Have fun with wild animals!! 



It is black and white, it is big, it lives in Africa and looks like a horse.

What is it?


Solve the riddle and send us the answer with a drawing of this animal!

Can you write a riddle about a wild animal?

Send it to us!


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