building and places

building and places


Is there a library in your town?

Or a police station?

What about a school, a toy shop or a post office?

Is there a café or a playground?

Teacher Morgan will tel you everything about building and places in town!!


Now it’s your turn! Look at the example and answer the following questions:

Is there a library near your house?

Is there a toy shop near your house?

Is there a playground near your house? 


Watch this video


Here you are an amazing song about building and places! Enjoy!


What public places are there in your town or neighbourhood? Describe the buildings that you frequently see!


Play a game about animals! CLICK HERE —>


Draw three places or buildings that are close to your house and make a small map of your neighbourhood. Send a picture back to us! Record yourself describing your area!

Mother's day

Do you have some free time?

Watch this might be fun making this little present for your mum!

We miss you so much!!

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